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Kindergarten WARS (幼稚園WARS Youchien Wars) is a manga series written and illustrated by You Chiba, and serialized in Shounen Jump+.

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We currently have 3,265 edits to 145 articles and 449 images on this wiki.


Welcome to Kindergarten Noir, an exclusive school catering to children of the global elite. Rita, one of the teachers, has been on the hunt for a boyfriend but has had absolutely zero luck so far. One day, an assassin comes after one of the children...and he’s totally dreamy?! Dive into this action-packed rom-com as it unfolds inside the world’s “safest” kindergarten!

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Kindergarten WARS (Japanese: 幼稚園WARS Hepburn: Yōchien Wars) is a manga written and illustrated by You Chiba and is published in Shounen Jump+.

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